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About Us

LJM Net Development is a software company that aims to deliver high-quality services and software that make your life simpler and better. Our team has exceptional and comprehensive experience in complex software systems, websites, blockchain and mobile applications.

LJM was established in 2020 with the mission of providing the best-advanced software that solves people’s problems. We offer different services for different types of businesses and organizations, such as design and development of mobile applications, web applications, e-commerce solutions, cafe and restaurants systems, and supermarket and management systems. 

Also, we offer UX and UI consulting to help people and businesses deliver better products and services that are easy to use, simple, and well designed. 

LJM Net Development Profile

Click on the following document to download the profile of LJM Net Development  

Services We Provide


Web Development & Design 


Mobile Development & Design


Cafe & Restaurants Systems


Problem Solving


Supermarkets & Management Systems


Blockchain Services & Solutions


Social Media Marketing

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