Mobile Applications Developed by LJM

Ora Iraq

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Ora is an online marketplace which connects consumers with local service providers. The marketplace is accessible through iOS and Android applications. It allows consumers to access services providers that are trustworthy, reliable and competent. 



Do you forget your appointment with your clients? Do you have problems managing your income? It is time to organize your income and schedule with the Trainer app. The Trainer app is very easy to use and has many features. Get it now for free, and you will never forget your appointments with your clients, or have no problems managing your income.


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Expenses Management is designed for everyone to manage their daily expenses simultaneously focusing on weekly expenses with a simple and intuitive user interface. It helps you know how your money is being spent and save money.  



For all people who use Binary, Decimal, Octal, Hexadecimal numbers, this calculator is designed for you to help you convert from binary to decimal, decimal to hexadecimal, octal to binary, etc. Additionally, you would be able to find mode, shifts, Not, And, Xor, or, etc. 



Do you face the problem of transforming your contacts to another phone? Or do you want to save your contacts somewhere so you will not lose them in the future? Sync Contact app is here to help you save your contacts so you will not lose them



Playing memory games can improve other brain functions, such as attention, concentration, and focus. Memory games give space to critical thinking and that helps children nurture their attention to detail.